Fair Trade Coffee – Now Also At Coffee Partners

With the conversion to many Fairtrade products has coffee partner made it already possible to combine excellent enjoy with a clear conscience to its numerous customers. Fair trade has become growing sectors in Germany lately fortunately to one who’s fastest and best-selling product is the Fairtrade coffee. Moreover, the fact that coffee has become generally very important part of the corporate culture not only in the Office, but also in the industry and in many public institutions. In this way, enter also the ethics and the philosophy of fair trade in everyday work. Your coffee will partner the coffee culture in the workplace to a new level. With its innovative coffee company offers aromatic top taste and social justice at your fingertips.

Enjoy your cup of coffee with a clear conscience!

The fair trade coffee is also mostly organic and always with the Fairtrade label. The independent certification organization FLO-CERT GmbH ensures the high standards and gives the consumer not only feel good, but also more clarity and confidence. For every purchase of a fair trade product, the customer feels that he can make a difference in this world. So he helps the families of small farmers in the producing countries to lead a much more dignified life. The main Fair Trade Standards are fixed minimum prices and premiums for community projects, decent work and the strict prohibition of child labour. Social responsibility, environmental protection and sustainability go in the fair trade always hand in hand.

The correct setting in the daily work of modern

But quality and pleasure never second place will remain. Quite the contrary. The coffee beans are coffee partners from the world’s best growing regions. You are professionally stored, roasted and freshly ground at the end just before drinking. And in the coffee maker itself. So the consumer gets always his favourite coffee speciality in a matter of seconds. No defects, no compromises. The fully automatic machines for coffee become partner even with fresh milk operated and are quite handy and fully automatically to clean. Only with a push of a button in just a few minutes, everything is ready for use again. No wonder that partner trust more and more customers of many years of experience, high professionalism and the perfect service of coffee.

There is the right thing for every taste

Since its inception about 40 years ago, growing the company and its ever-increasing contribution of society. It is not only the 10 best employers in Germany, but also the most popular party in terms of coffee. Always up to date partner coffee offers a first-class online shop and an exciting blog. So, you can not only easily order his favorite products online, but also at your whim read interesting facts about coffee. Numerous news and interesting stories waiting to be just experienced and admired. The fabulous, sensuous world of coffee unfolds before the eager eyes of the reader and takes them into the realm of flavours, the flavors and limitless enjoyment. It’s like an eternal feast for the senses, that it starts every day on the new.

Small fruits – strong energy

Incomparable enjoyment, who has conquered the whole world